Just Hit It


I have just read your book Just Hit It and ask you why you have not shared some of the pearls of wisdom you write about in this book in your weekly web column?

— Eric, Georgetown


First, thanks for the compliment regarding the “pearls of wisdom” and second, I have been talking about almost everything included in bits and pieces, for years.

I urge those who love the game to read “Just Hit It” as it presents a little different perspective of the game, based on a significant amount of data and exposes some interesting facts about equipment and the game.

I also make some suggestions about how to reverse the downward trend in participation the game is experiencing such as; Understand the True Game; Know that the Magic Is in You; Play the Right Set of Tees; Build Faster Courses; Get Back to Basics; Think Outside the Eighteen — some of which have been considered and promoted but not enough , yet.

I would like to thank Jack Nicklaus, for his kind words and ‘frank’ assessment of the book in the Foreword, a quote from which reads;

 “Reading this book is like engaging [Frank] in a discussion, with the words, ideas, and passion flowing freely. There are few people I know more knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the game of golf, and very few more passionate about the need for integrity and vision in all aspects of the game.” Jack Nicklaus.

Eric, thank you for allowing me to make reference to “Just Hit It” and glad you enjoyed the book.



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