A Key to More Distance?



I don’t use a driver, but do you think I might get more distance off the tee if I switched to a club with 13 degrees of loft?

–Mark, Fl

Dear Mark

If your club-head speed is slower than average you might try a club with 13 degrees of loft, or you may want to try a 12-degree driver. But stay with a 44-inch shaft if you want to stay in the fairway. It might be hard to find a driver marked as “12 degrees,” but those marked 11 or 11.5 will work well and may have a loft higher than indicated.

Too many players gravitate to lower lofts based on ego. However, often more loft, not less, will give one more distance.

Hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “A Key to More Distance?

  1. i use only 13.5 or more and i will say with the ajustable driver going down loses yards so 13 + is good for me and probably others and it goes straight

  2. Some years back, Ping’s G2 and G5 drivers came in 13.5 and 15.5 degrees of loft…you should be able to find a decent one on eBay for under $100, and try out more loft. I have one of each, and I still use them, especially at the beginning of the season.

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