How to Achieve Good Alignment

A good alignment will allow the body to do what it wants to do, not what the mind tries to instruct it to do to manipulate the stroke path.

Some golfers — BUT very few — have been able to sink putts reasonably well with poor alignment and an open or closed stance. This has required years of practice to overcome an imperfect stroke of compensations with many sources of potential errors.

Good alignment will reduce the sources of error not only because compensation is not necessary but it will allow the body to perform more efficiently.

To achieve good alignment:

  1. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart, and facing forward

  2. The ball position should be about 8-inches forward of the toe line, and just forward of center between the feet – eyes over the ball.

  3. The toe line should be parallel to the target line.

This needs to be practiced until it becomes a natural and automatic set up position.

If you are looking for extra help with your alignment, remember The Frankly Frog with Alignment Guidance System is available to help.

Keep your head down and let it happen.

Frank & Valerie




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