Fabulous Indoor Putting Drill

Want to make the most of your time indoors? Try this indoor drill to help build consistency in your putting setup.

Place a mirror on the floor. Then take a small coin and place it on the mirror. Set up to the coin (as if it was a golf ball) in your normal putting position.

Check your eye position in the mirror. It should be directly over the coin. If your eyes are not in this position, move your feet back or forward to get them directly over the coin. Do not lean to do this.

Practice this to build a consistent setup which leads to a consistent stroke.

Want to work on your putting? Be sure to review your copy of The Fundamentals of Putting!

One thought on “Fabulous Indoor Putting Drill

  1. I use the silver side of a CD and put a golf ball in the center hole of the CD. You can see exactly where you eyes are.

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