Check Your Putter Length

Before the season starts, make your way to wherever your clubs are stored. Remove your putter from your golf bag and check it is the correct length for you by following the steps below:

  • Address the ball with your feet 12-18 inches apart and the ball 6-8 inches from your toe line

  • Get into your normal posture with your weight evenly distributed between your toes and heels. Your eyes should be over the ball but if they are not, don’t lean, simply move your feet.

  • Let your arms hang and grip the putter comfortably. Any bend in the arms will create stress and not allow you to make a rhythmic stroke.

  • Look at where you are gripping the putter- in many cases our putters are 1-3 inches too long for us

Follow the video below for more details.


3 thoughts on “Check Your Putter Length

  1. Valerie & Frank,
    Is the shaft length measured to the hosel or to the ground?
    Thomas Brokl
    Golden Valley, MN 55416
    Putter: PGA T-Line XVI (since 1981)

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