One of Our Best Putting Tips!

Did you know that your golf professional can become a Frankly Certified Putting Instructor (CPI)?


Hundreds of PGA and LPGA professionals around the world who have become CPI’s have given us 100% positive feedback about how they have enjoyed the CPI Course and how they are now using it to help golfers like you with their putting.

They can learn online, from anywhere in the world and get ready to help you with the part of the game that makes up ≈45% of your score!

What You Will Learn from Your CPI

They will:

  • Ensure your putter is properly fitted, and help you understand putter design and technology

  • Make any adjustments necessary to your ball position, alignment, set-up, and grip

  • Pinpoint and work on eliminating all sources of error allowing you to discover your natural rhythmic stroke, helping you build confidence and consistency

  • Help you with green reading as well as develop a pre-shot routine that works.

  • Suggest drills to help you practice with a purpose.

We are certain that you, your club and your fellow club members will benefit significantly by having your golf professional become a Frankly CPI. To learn more and enroll they can visit

There are ongoing education points awarded for successful completion by participating international PGAs and the LPGA.

Please allow us, and your golf professional to help you enjoy putting with confidence.

Frank and Valerie



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