Three Ways to Sink More Short Putts

Here are 3 ways to help you hole more short putts:

1. Aim carefully: select a spot on the back of the cup

2. Stroke the ball with confidence

3. Listen for the ball falling in the hole (don’t look!)

Try these and let us know how they work!

Get set for the season. Perfect your  practice with The Frog Stick. Clip-Putt-Improve.


Meet our Certified Putting Instructors (CPI’s)!

This week we would like you to meet Emma Brown, a PGA of Great Britain and Ireland professional and newly qualified CPI who is helping make putting more fun for her students and members!

If you would like your golf professional to become a CPI, they can learn more and enroll at 

Click here to read Emma’s story


PGA professional and newly qualified CPI Emma Brown

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