Putting Under Pressure

When putting under pressure, remember to retain your natural rhythm. As the pressure increases, our grip and our arms tend to tighten up, resulting in a “strike” rather than a “stroke.”

So next time you have a pressure putt, remember your rhythm!

Did you know that the Frog Stick can help you improve your rhythm? Click here to learn more



Meet our Certified Putting Instructors!

This week we would like you to meet Jodi Stambaugh, an LPGA professional based in Virginia and newly qualified CPI who is helping more golfers get into the game!

If you would like your golf professional to become a CPI, they can learn more and enroll at www.certifiedputtinginstructor.com 

To read Jodi’s story click here


One thought on “Putting Under Pressure

  1. Thank you Frank and Val for your dedication and helpful innovations. I’ve been practicing with my new Frog stick and I’m sinking putts from everywhere! Love it! My golfing partners, especially in team events, are thrilled with my improvements! Thanks so much
    Susan M

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