Three Tips for Playing Links Golf

This week we look forward to The Open Championship at Carnoustie, one of the best and most feared links golf courses in the world.

Here are three tips to successfully navigate the links:

  1. Watch the Wind: One of the major challenges of links golf is the wind and you need to learn to control the height of your shots. Before you play, work on punch shots and bump and runs which will enable you to direct your shots more effectively.

  2. Beware the Bunkers: Remember on links courses that bunkers have an extensive catchment area, made up of slopes that will collect your ball and deposit it in the sand. Additionally the bunkers on links courses have steep walls, so prepare for this by learning to pop the ball up out of the sand. Do not be afraid to hit sideways out of a bunker: grab your sand wedge and get your ball back on the fairway.

  3. Respect the Rough: One element of links golf that is often not mentioned is the rough. When you get in it, take a high lofted club and get out of it. Shorter in the fairway is much better than longer in the rough.

We hope you enjoyed these Three Tips for Playing Links Golf in Scotland, and look forward to watching the best golfers in the world taking on the links!

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One thought on “Three Tips for Playing Links Golf

  1. How about … 1. Set alarm clock for what usually is the middle of the night for us EDT’ers …2. Brew an extra strong pot of coffee … 3. Drink that coffee while watching those who are paid to do so suffer through that wind, sideways rain, bunkers you can hide a VW Beetle in, etc. … 4. Wait for commercial breaks to use the “loo” … 5. Repeat 2 through 4 as often as needed until that day’s round is finished.

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