Knowing vs Hoping On the Green

As golfers we are, a little like sheep, a little superstitious, and believe if we emulate the superstars – because they must know something we don’t – we will perform as they do. In some cases, this may really help us perform better.

This mimicry may be in the form of a using piece of equipment, wearing specific clothing, picking up various habits – good or bad — or perform a certain pre-shot routine.

We rarely have enough confidence in our own ability that we can ignore what others are doing and focus on what works for us. We need to do what we know will work, rather what we hope will work.

A case in point, is the common habit of using a line on the ball, to line it up. If after a second adjustment, when you address the ball, you know — based on the feedback from superlative intuitive ability using your natural senses — that it is incorrectly lined up.

At this point you may, either ignore your line or make an adjustment in you stroke or adjust your putter alignment. In each case you have introduced a tinge of doubt just before making the stroke.

“Doubt” at this point affects your ability to focus and thus introduces a source of avoidable error.

We need to trust our own acquired abilities, which are a lot more powerful than we could ever have imagined.

“Go not where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” RWE

Hope this gives food for thought.


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