Before a round of golf use the practice green to warm up. This will not only allow your body to go through the putting motions a few times and iron out a few kinks but also calibrate your mind to adjust to the pace of the greens.

You don’t need more than about two dozen focused putts to get ready.  Allow enough time to do this before you play.


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2 thoughts on “Calibrate

  1. Frank, I have noticed that practice greens are often, but not always, faster than the greens on the course. Would you agree with this and , if so, have any objective data related to this. My theory is that there is some packing/rolling effect from the greater traffic on practice greens.

  2. I would agree with you except that many practice greens are either faster or slower than the greens on the course. I rarely practice on the practice green because once I get that speed locked into my mind, its hard to change on the course.

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