Ryder Cup Review

As many of you know by now, we can never underestimate the importance of putting. Last weekend’s Ryder Cup certainly proved that.

Please share your thoughts about the Ryder Cup weekend and lessons that can be learned for both teams.

Did the camaraderie of the European team as well as home crowd advantage help inspire them to victory? What role did the course set up play?  How about the US team, what should they have done differently or were they just outplayed?

Simply reply below and we look forward to reading and sharing your insights with other Frankly Friends.

May the Frog be with you,

Frank and Valerie

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5 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Review

  1. The U.S. team was, in my view, unprepared. Only a few players had played the course and the Europeans were all familiar with both the course and it’s setup. While Tiger Woods was a fantastic player in his prime, his Ryder Cup record in foursomes and four ball is abysmal. Phil seemed to be “going through the motions” and this U.S. team was clearly outclassed and even out coached. One has to examine the Captain’s choices. A major overhaul of our Ryder Cup effort is in order or 2020 may be a carbon copy of Paris.

  2. Putting is important. But, the way the course was set up driving played a very big role. The US team couldn’t find the fairway with a flashlight and guide dog.

  3. Only Justin Thomas played the course before the competition. The rest were arrogantly unprepared. Several have their best years behind them. The team needed this large helping of humility.

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