To “Pre-” or Not to “Pre-“?

Not having a pre-shot routine is like waking up on the day you had planned to leave on vacation, but have no idea how you are going to get there. Is this frightening or what? Why then do we so often go through this scary nightmare before we putt. Just because it is close to Halloween is no excuse, 🙂 because some of us do it all year long.

If you are looking for consistency and good performance, a pre-shot routine is essential. This routine does not have to be lengthy but it does have to be as similar as you can make it, every time you putt.

The pre-shot routine is the process used to let your mind and your body prepare to putt, and can be broken down into three phases. All three of these make up a pre-shot routine.

1.) Planning ; 2.) Preparation and 3.) Implementation

One: The Planning is reading of the green taking advantage of ones innate ability to see and process information and subconsciously instruct the body how to react.

Two: The Preparation is the visualization of what your ball is going to do, while making a rhythmic swing and looking at the hole. This is not a practice swing as much as a motion reminding your body of the natural rhythm you need to use – every putt has the same rhythm.

Three: Implementation is the physical setup including, ball position, posture and alignment. This is followed by a final look at the target and then, “Let It Happen” with trust, confidence and a quiet mind.

Good mechanics are very important and to help develop these you need to know more about “The Fundamentals of Putting

I know this will make you putt better with more confidence.

Putt well and “May The Frog Be With You


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