Simple Rules for Buying a New Putter


Many of you have asked me for advice on buying golf equipment, and given my research into putters, putting and putter design, every week I am asked what to look for when buying a new putter.

As a result, I have written a comprehensive article listing some simple rules to follow when buying a new putter, the most used and most important club in the bag.

For your convenience, here is a summary of the 12 Simple Rules For Buying a New Putter:

Rule #1 Do You Really Need a New Putter?

In many cases we blame the putter for our putting problems, which may be the case but if you have a good putter (which you will learn about) then consider learning how to use it by reading   The Fundamentals of Putting

Rule #2 Make Sure Your Putter is the Correct Length

 A putter must be fitted properly and about 95% of the fitting process is making sure it is the right length.

Rule #3 Choose a Putter Head Shape for Forgiveness

The putter shape is generally a good indicator of its forgiveness.

Rule #4 Importance of Putter Face Loft

Loft is your friend as it will result in a consistent launch.

Rule #5 Select the Right Lie Angle

The lie angle is dependent on how well the putter is fitted.

Rule #6 Pay Attention to the Putter Sole

Is a radius on the sole of the putter important?

Rule #7 Consider Alignment lines on Your Putter

Most definitely get a putter with alignment lines

Rule #8 Find the Right Weight Putter

Find out what head weight will work well for 95% of golfers.

Rule # 9   Grip size and Your New Putter

Some thoughts on grip size and larger grips 

Rule #10 Consider the Cost of Your New Putter

Cost is important but don’t buy your putter based on cost

Rule #11 Putter Balance

Should you match your putter balance to the rest of your set?

Rule #12 Putter Design and Stroke Path

How your stroke path is affected by toe down or face balanced putters  


For those who would like to read the full article and thus be in a position to make a better informed decision when buying your next putter click here

Have fun and putt well





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