It’s Your Choice to Putt Well

You have two choices when approaching the putting green; a) Smile with confidence and accept the challenge or; b) Fear the thought that you will three-putt or worse.

Option b), is not an option, as it sets a negative tone before you start and there is no future in allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind. If you fear it is going to happen it probably will.

So, there is only one option left i.e. option a) Smile “😊” with confidence when you step on the green .

To develop this confidence, you need to know what to do to make putting simple and produce your natural stroke. This will minimize the manipulative instructional interference from the mind during the stroke.

We wrote the “The Fundamentals of Putting” with simplicity in mind using a systematic and structured approach with many illustrations. This will let you to apply the 12 simple steps to allow your natural putting stroke to emerge, giving you the confidence you need next time you approach a putt, not allowing the mind to interfere.

The choice is yours.

It is easy to learn how to make a simple putting stroke, and then smile with confidence when you next step on the green — it makes golf and life so much nicer.

Putt well

Frank and Valerie

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