A Putting Phenomenon

If you believe you are going to make the putt, the odds that you will make it are certainly higher than if you have any doubt when you are about to strike the ball. This is not unique to putting but almost everything we do in life.

The lesson we learn from this difficult to understand phenomenon is real and can only improve our results on the green when we are putting. The steps to make this happen are simply; careful observation of the situation confronting you, consistent preparation and confident execution knowing that you have done all you can, relieving yourself of any second thoughts. This is followed by trust in your decision and your intuitive ability to make the stroke without the mind providing instructional control.

For more details about developing a natural putting stroke that works, follow the teachings in our book, The Fundamentals of Putting, one of the most informative books about putting ever written. It is a straightforward, easy-to-read instructional book based on scientific principles and covers every aspect of putting from the basic mechanics, to green reading and mental control as well as putter technology.

Putt well

Frank & Valerie

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