Drive Farther or Putt Better?

2015-08-18 10.27.55

Do golfers have diverging views on this subject?

We may have to change our perspective of what we perceive is most important in making golf more enjoyable. There is a belief that longer is better, which may not be in golf’s best interests.

Would you like to drive the ball farther or putt better? Which will lower your score more and/or give you a greater sense of achievement?

Please let us know what you believe will help you continue to, or even enhance, your enjoyment of this unique and wonderful game.

Please share your thoughts below.

Frank & Valerie


18 thoughts on “Drive Farther or Putt Better?

  1. Consistently making putts from 10 feet and inside makes a great difference in my weekly rounds. At 72, accomplishing this has me looking to shoot my age in the near future.

  2. drive farther (and more accurately)

    dropping a putt is nice, and to have no more than 1 or two three-putts a round is great. but to hit a drive 250+ yards into the middle of the fairway, in perfect position to approach the green?
    that’s a feelgood moment, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

    yes, yes, my score may suck less with better putting.
    I know that.
    but I’m not sure I’m there to get the lowest possible score all the time

  3. Which do you do last? Obviously, you end the hole well or poorly depending on how you putt. I would rather end with satisfaction than begin with it!

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