Has Your Putting Stroke Been Naughty or Nice?

Has your putting stroke been naughty or nice since Santa last visited?

Some of Santa’s helpers have been doing a little research for us to determine the three naughtiest and nicest stroke behaviors.

The results are not at all unexpected based on what we have observed:

These are the “Naughty stroke” winners:

  1. “Striking” the ball rather than “Stroking” it – bad rhythm.

  2. Bent arms because the putter is too long – not being able to swing in plane

  3. Lifting of the Puttee’s head to see where the ball is going even before impact – losing alignment and not making any short putts.

These are the “Nice stroke” winners:

  1. Fixing the shoulders, arms, hands and putter as if they are a single unit – this prevents wrist break, and putter head rotation, and allows the Inertia of this unit to act somewhat like a pendulum swing with a natural rhythm.

  2. A consistent pre-shot routine before every putt –programming the body to do what it does best when it makes the stroke i.e.  “Let it Happen” without conscious interference from the brain.

  3. Having confidence that you have read the break, and subconsciously letting the body take care of the distance – like throwing the ball  — and finally just making a good stroke keeping the eyes and head down listening for the ball  to fall in the hole – this will maintain good alignment and rhythm, and settle the mind by not listening to the naughty voices that talk to us over a putt.

If your putting stroke has been Nice since Santa’s last visit your handicap should have improved but if your stroke has been Naughty then keep checking our weekly putting tips and ask Santa to send you The Fundamentals of Putting for winter reading and summer application.

Best wishes for the festive season,

Frank, Valerie and the Frankly Frog Team






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