Putt Well with Three Steps

Putting is made up of three discrete steps.

Step 1.

Plan what you want to do — i.e. read the putt and analyze all the conditions.

Step 2.  

Prepare yourself to make the putt by going through your pre-shot routine then set up over the ball with the single thought in mind i.e. that you are fully prepared and know that you can make the putt.

Step 3.

Take one last look at the target and the path the ball will follow then Trust yourself – intensely focus your eyes on a spot, on or behind the ball then, STROKE don’t HIT the ball with confident and natural rhythm.

For more in-depth details about the mindset and mechanics of putting, we strongly recommend you refer to your copy of the “The Fundamentals of Putting” which is the best book ever written on understanding the simplicity of the natural putting stroke.

Putt well.

Frank & Valerie

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