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Dear Frank & Valerie,

You often discuss how last year’s driver or club will be as good as the new, improved version coming out next season. As a result, you point out we can all save some money by sticking with what we have or purchasing a model from the previous year. But what about golf balls?

It seems like all the tour, premium golf balls (except the #1 you know who ball) have deals going on at the end of the season (buy 2, get 1 free is a common promotion leading to $30 a dozen pricing). We all need golf balls every year. Should we be loading up to save some money because the same is true for golf balls – this year’s version will be as good as next year’s new model? And at the tour, premium ball level is there much difference between manufacturers or should we go for the best deal?

Thank you. I look forward to your response!

–John, New York

Dear John

I like your question. First, let me say that most of the top name balls such as Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, Wilson and Callaway are very similar in quality with slight differences in performance and have a long shelf life.

If you like the ball you presently play then you can load up on some good deals because they will last a long time as long as you store them indoors. Next year’s model will not be significantly different in performance than this year’s, certainly not to the naked swing.

Hope this helps

The Frankly Frog Putter



2 thoughts on “Golf Ball Deals

  1. Thank you Frank for your comment. I would certainly agree and as long as balls are stored indoors, in a relatively stable temperature, they should last for several years. I see no reason not to stock up if one can find premium balls on sale.

    On that note, I’ve played the Snell MTB-X ball all of this past year and found it performs as well, if not better, than other premium ball. Dean Snell and his team, as you know, invented the Pro V-1 and Pro V-1X ball and he was also V.P. of the Ball Division at Taylormade after leaving Titleist. They introduced the “TP” ball series which is played on Tour, before launching their own factory direct to customer premium balls. At $33.00/dozen, delivered to one’s mailbox, I think it is a real “find”…and performs well.

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