Using Your Wife’s Driver

This week’s Q&A is excerpted from Dear Frank, Answers to 100 of Your Golf Equipment Questions



Dear Frank,
Thanks for the great web site. I wait for each week’s questions.

I noticed today your discussion with someone whose 3-wood is ‘too long’. I am 5’8” and find it virtually impossible to swing any of the longer (standard) men’s drivers and get my wrists closed so as not to slice like crazy. It feels to me like a brick on the end of a shaft. I’ve tried most of the $200-$500 drivers in the bays at my local Golfsmith, and the result is always the same.

My solution was to go to a shorter driver, namely my wife’s women’s Adams Driver, which is both shorter and light as a feather. I may not outdrive a lot of men, but I feel like it gives me the confidence to automatically close my wrists and my drives are now generally very straight.

Am I crazy for using a woman’s club, or smart?

Thanks – Ed


You are not crazy and therefore must be smart.

There is no reason why you should not use shorter clubs. The shorter the club, the more control you have; also, the lower the swing weight, all else (such as head weight) being equal. This is one reason why it feels lighter than your own ‘Big Stick’.

The guidelines I have proposed for some time suggest using a standard set with the appropriate shaft flex but a shorter than standard driver. This seems to be catching on, and many golfers are reporting success with this concept and gaining confidence on the tee.

In the long run, golfers prefer to shoot a lower score rather than to hit the occasional long drive when all the stars are in synchrony and they just happen to get it all together. On these few occasions — which are fun — we do feel some pride about how great we are, but this doesn’t last long.

You are not crazy; most golfers will find that when it comes to a driver, shorter is better. Glad you are enjoying the Q and A.


The Frankly Frog Putter


10 thoughts on “Using Your Wife’s Driver

  1. Hi – Agree there Frank! _ The other things is women’s drivers can have more loft – and my opinion is 90% of golfer would be better with 14* or more!!!

  2. I remember many years ago Sam Snead saying that a few Tour Players in his day were using “Ladies” shafts.!!

  3. I play a 44.5″ driver and I am 6’1″. I typically also choke up 1/2″. I hit the sweet spot more often and gained distance. I have cut my 3 wood down 1″ as well. Hitting the sweet spot and getting through the ball is always going to make you shoot better!

  4. I cut an inch off of a driver and found much more success with it. I did have to add weight to bring the feel (swingweight) up though. Now I am looking at shortening my irons. If you look at today’s iron lengths you will find a five iron is the length a 2 iron used to be.

  5. I sold my wife’s driver many years ago. Silly me. However, I recently came across some information on the Hireko Golf Acer Thriver Driver which has a 42.5″ shaft and 14 degree loft. This is not an endorsement since I haven’t tried it. Hireko sells components, so you can build your own, or the finished product. More information is available on the internet.

  6. I have been using a shorter driver for several years now, thanks to advice from wise pundits like you and Tom Wishon. I put my own driver together from TW components in order to get the total club weight, swing weight, loft and a bit of built in draw bias that works for me. Bottom line, get yourself fit for clubs that work well for you and your game.

  7. My driver is a 16º Nike with an extra stiff Fujikura shaft. Yeah, a little crazy, but it matches my flawed swing just fine. Sure keeps my partners confused.

  8. right on frank -found this out when renting clubs-used an old HB (?) driver used ago and immediately put mine at 43 even though 6-5 – found more fairways

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