Putting Ideas for Dad

With Fathers Day approaching we thought you would enjoy some ideas for how to help Dad (or you!) enjoy the game on the green more.


  1. The Frankly Frog Putter With unmatched balance, stability and forgiveness, the Frankly Frog  makes it easy on the green.

  2.  With every Frankly Frog Putter ordered between now and Fathers Day 2020, we will include with our compliments, a Limited Edition “May the Frog Be With You” Commemorative Coin, celebrating 20 years of Frankly Golf. It’s the size of a silver dollar and makes a beautiful, easy to find ball marker.

  3. The groundbreaking text “The Fundamentals of Putting” delivers the low down on what to do when you are putting to make it more enjoyable, through a series of easy to follow, systematic steps, written based on good research. Eliminate 3 putts and build more consistency and confidence into your stroke.

  4. Our Frog golf balls are the perfect companion for your next round 🙂

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