Don’t Let Your Putter Drag You Down

A mallet style putter (which is the most forgiving putter design) with a flat sole from toe to heel or one without an upward tail taper will affect your performance depending on the length of the fringe or the degree of side slope on which you are putting.

An airplane has an upward tail taper to prevent tail-strike during takeoff and landing. A mallet putter with the same design concept will prevent dragging and snagging on the back and/or forward stroke when putting.

To prevent a toe or heel snag contact with the ground when putting on a side slope, the putter design must have a toe/heel radius. This radius will also accommodate small changes in putting styles with slightly different lie angles.

These innovative features which I incorporated in the design of the Frankly Frog Putter are essential in mallet putter design to remove all the potential sources of error. 

Putt well


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Putter Drag You Down

  1. Since I don’t wear a watch I requested a Frog putter as my retirement gift 3.5 years ago. It has the best roll of any putter I’ve ever used, and after we got to know each other, my putting is now best it’s ever been. I highly recommend it, along with the “Fundamentals of Putting” book.

    • Jack is exactly right. I bought a “book and frog” combo, mainly because I wanted the book and the frog was thrown in for little more. The book is good, but the frog is the easiest putter to use I have even owned. The first thing I noticed was how it sat on slopes and did not fight the stroke, just as this weeks post talks about.

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