Winter Golf Bag Storage?


I know that winter is on its way. Will storing my golf bag in my unheated garage affect their performance when I take them out next spring?

Mac, Canada


We have seen this sort of question often at this is the time of the year.

If you want to stay on good terms with your clubs I suggest that you take them down to Florida on an extended vacation when the time is right.

However, if this is not possible storing your golf bag in cold temperatures will not detrimentally affect the performance of your clubs or balls when they thaw out next Spring.

I do suggest that you refrain from playing with frozen equipment as temperature effects the properties of the materials from which clubs and balls are made. This is certainly the case at freezing temperatures.

If storing your golf bag inside the house is an option I do recommend that you take advantage of that. Remember that your clubs do have feelings and they will reciprocate if you look after them.

Stay warm,


2 thoughts on “Winter Golf Bag Storage?

  1. As an avid and committed golfer, I frequently play winter golf in near freezing temperatures. My golf equipment handles the chill better than I do. If your house has a heating utility room, where the furnace and probably your water heater reside, it is a great winter time storage area for your equipment. It is also a good place to let your rain soaked equipment to dry.

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