Best Advice for New Driver Distance

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your putting advice which has been very helpful. Now I wonder if you can help me with some advice regarding my driver?

It is seven years old and working well but I think it is time to look at what else is available to give me a little more distance. The latest drivers being sold today seem to have all sorts of adjustments: from hosel changes for loft and lie to sliding weights to change the center of gravity.

Is there anything I am missing in these new multi-adjustable clubs? All I want is a little more distance.

Greg, Florida


We are always pleased to hear that our putting tips are working. Putting is the most important part of the game and yet we still want more out of our Big Stick and manufacturers know this, so every year give us something new with the same increased distance claims as the previous year.

The new drivers today are only slightly better than they were seven years ago. This does not mean that you will not be able to get more distance from a new driver, it just means that it will be more difficult to get enough to really notice — after the price tag wears off.

If you were not fitted properly to your old driver, then there is a chance that you may gain a “real” 10 yards or so, by optimizing your launch conditions, and one or two of the adjustments in the multi-option-adjustable-driver (MOAD). So the answer is to find a good launch monitor and work with someone who knows what they are doing and try it out.

If your swing needs changing get this done before you go for a fitting, but be sure the “swing changer” is qualified. 

Now for my best advice; once you are swinging well and feel comfortable and in control, then visit the launch monitor guru and try a MOAD. If you are able to get the increased ball speed and good launch conditions, don’t alter the settings. You are just as likely, with all the options, to mess it up and not know how to return to the suggested settings that worked best.

 Greg, we always live in hope and looking for the magic club is one of the charming aspects of our game, so never stop looking.

Hope this helps


The Frankly Frog Putter


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