From the Range to the Course


Aloha Frank,
When I’m at the range hitting balls — especially with my driver — I notice the ball seems to have a slight fade. But when I’m on the course, my game ball (3-piece) has a draw. Can you tell me why this happens? I don’t feel like I change my swing from range to course. Because of the different flights between balls I mostly work on tempo and contact while on the range.

Any info would be great.


Ed in Hawaii

Aloha Ed,
There is no good reason for this to happen. Check your set up and/or the prevailing wind direction on the range. You might also try working on your tempo on the course and see if this does anything to solve the problem.

To make sure the ball is not the determining factor, I suggest that you play a round with a range ball (hopefully only one). First tell the pro — and anybody else who might shoot you for using range balls on the course — that you’re conducting an experiment. Warn your golfing buddies about what you’re going to do. If you’re still hitting a draw on the course, you know it’s not the ball. Personally, I think my handicap is about five strokes better on the range. It may be those racing stripes on the ball. Let me know what happens.


2 thoughts on “From the Range to the Course

  1. Hi Ed.
    Sounds to me as if you are “lost in the space”.
    Use your pre shot routine when you practice and warm up.
    Hope it helps.

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