Your Putting Checklist


The basics are so important to get right. Sometimes they slip away from us when we play so it is very important to keep a check on just a few simple fundamentals that will help you build consistency on the green.

#1 Make sure your eyes are directly over the ball

#2 Arms relaxed and straight

#3 Ensure proper alignment

#4 Rock your shoulders

#5 Let it happen

This and other vital information is available from a Frankly Certified Putting Instructor (CPI), an expert in teaching putting.

As a by-product of becoming a CPI, many have found that they have improved their own putting. Here are only some examples of comments we have received from CPIs around the world:

I have seen a vast improvement in my putting in holing out those par savers from 6 – 10 feet and the longer putts are now threatening the hole on a more regular basis.” Kieron Gaskell, CPI,  PGA of Great Britain and Ireland

The entire CPI process has enhanced my own ability to putt. My putting was OK before, but now it’s really good. I ordered an Original Frog, and when I put it in my hands I fell in love.” Sue Vreeland, CPI, LPGA

I would say that the CPI has allowed me to become a better coach and a better putter myself. I think that is important. If you personally do something better, you will be able to coach better” Derek James, CPI, PGA of South Africa

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