Your Golf Goals 2021

So it’s the start of a brand new year, an opportunity to reset, reevaluate where you have been and where you are going. We would like to help you take a look at your golf game and think a little about what you would like to improve and how to go about it.

The first thing we need to do is to be brutally honest or “frank” with ourselves. What areas of our game do we do well? What do we have confidence in?   Can these be improved?

Give yourself credit for what you do well, but never grow complacent. You can always get better.

Then for the hard part. What do we not do well? What part of our game is letting us down? Why does that happen? It’s only when we properly identify the problem that we are able to solve it.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself for what you don’t do well. As an example, if you chunk your chip shots, try to identify why that happens. As you walk up to the ball are you thinking about the last time that happened? Are you talking yourself into another chunked shot? In this case, perhaps it’s not about technique, rather it is about controlling your thoughts as you approach the ball and replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones. The answer to the problem isn’t always obvious until you think a little more deeply as to why it happens, then you can seek the correct solution.

So, pick a couple of strengths and a couple of weaknesses and set to work on them. Many of our Frankly Friends have the wisdom that comes with many years of golfing and have enjoyed our most recent book “You Can Shoot Your Age” which can be accompanied with a helpful “You Can Shoot Your Age Logbook” where you can goal set in more detail, recording your progress round by round.

We hope this has helped you and we look forward to providing more information this year to help you reach your golf goals.

Putt well,

Frank and Valerie

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