The Advantages of Fewer Clubs

Idyllic shot of sunset and golf clubs

Frank, in your writings you have talked about playing with fewer clubs.  What is the makeup of your 9-10 club bag?


Robert –VA


I am an advocate of using – carrying – fewer clubs, and there are many reasons for this, let me name a few:

  • The bag –unless you insist on using a tour bag – will weigh less encouraging you to carry your own bag and walk. Studies show that walking the course and carrying your own bag is good for your health.

  • You will most likely play better because you will have fewer choices of clubs to choose from. For example, when you are between clubs, by taking the longer club, you will not try force the shot and thus make a better stroke.

  • Because you have fewer clubs in the bag you will have fewer decisions to make and therefore play faster.

  • The touring pros will still want the full complement – or more if they were permitted – and would accordingly play better. We don’t have the ability to hit the ball to within 5 yards of the target as they do — even though some of us would like to think and dream we had.

  • This means that fewer clubs would increase the challenge for touring pros but probably improve our scores in most cases.

What I suggest, re. the number and make up of what we need to carry is:

  • Driver with 10.5 degree loft and no longer than 44.5 -inches

  • A 5-wood ≈19 degrees

  • Hybrid ≈22 degrees

  • Irons –5, 7, 9, PW, SW(56-degree)

  • And obviously a Frankly Frog putter.

With these nine clubs and a light carry bag– with a stand — you should be good to go and will most likely play better and live longer.

Good golfing and have fun!


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