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Thanks for your putting tips they are very helpful, but this is a question about a putting ball, not how to make the stroke. Is there a specific brand of ball which performs best on a putting green?



Thank you for the kind comments about the putting tips. This is what we like to hear as it is our mission to help golfers.

About your ball question, yes there is a ball which performs best on a putting green and this is a smooth ball without any dimples. This ball will have a lower rolling friction and therefore not be slowed down as much or affected by the grain as much as a dimpled ball. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, that the Rules of Golf require that you use the same ball from the tee until it is holed out — unless it is lost on the way or badly damaged. Secondly this smooth ball also has very bad aerodynamic properties, first recognized in the mid fifteenth century but only explained by Professor P G Tait in 1887. The smooth ball will be about 50%  shorter than a dimpled ball when launched under similar conditions.

Cameron, if you are prepared to be 50% shorter off the tee but sink more putts – which may not affect your score that much — then a smooth ball is best for you. However, if you wish to maintain your distance by using a dimpled ball, but putt better,  I do suggest that you  order a Frankly Frog Putter or visit a Frankly Certified Putting Instructor (CPI)  both of which will help improve your putting significantly – studies show that golfers improve their putting from a 4/10 to a 7/10 after only one lesson from a CPI — so this will allow you to get closer to the green on your drives and sink more putts as well.

Cameron if your pro is not a CPI,  you need to suggest  that he/she considers  enrolling in the online course. Both you and he/she will benefit.

Putt well

Frank & Valerie


2 thoughts on “Best Ball for Putting

  1. Frank, I am a fan of yours and have all of your books, but I believe your answer here is a “politically correct” answer.

    The best ball for putting, I believe, is one that it not out of round.

    Take some water that has salt applied to it. Place the ball in the water and make a mark (dot) on the ball with a felt tip marker. Sink the ball or push it down in the water. It should not come back to the dot on top.

    Many of the inexpensive balls will come back to the dot each time showing out of round.

    Your pro-line balls such as Titleist, which Frankly Frog uses for its logoed balls are the best putting balls…….I believe.

    Please advise if this is not accurate.

    • Hi Tom, we try to be as “frank” as possible here. Thank you for your insights and please be assured that anything with the Frankly Frog on it works very well. 🐸
      Thanks for being a Frankly Friend.
      Frank and Valerie

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