The Most Important Club?


Thank you for your sage equipment advice every week. I agree with your view that we should use fewer clubs. What clubs do you believe are the most important?

Rodney, FL


Thank you for your kind comments.

Yes, I do believe that fewer clubs would be beneficial to the game in that it would make it a little more difficult for the elite player who is able to very effectively use every club in the bag and therefore reducing the number of clubs means that they will need to better exhibit their skills.

On the other hand, it will benefit the average golfer by reducing the number of decisions they have to make when faced with a particular shot and in so doing when they find themselves in between clubs, will select the longer club and ease up on their swing — which we should be doing with every club – and as a result will have a better outcome.

With regards to the most important club in the bag, for many golfers who strive to hit long drives, the driver is the most important. For the rest of us, the driver should be the club that gets us onto the fairway.

The next most important club would be a hybrid of sorts or mid iron to get you to the green. Unfortunately because we will miss the green every now and again and end up in a bunker, the next most important club would be the sand wedge.

All of this being said, we should recognize that 45% of our score is generated on the putting green and for this reason the putter is the most important and most often used club in the bag.

We do however need to recognize that for the putter to work most effectively it should be properly fitted as we are inclined to use putters that are too long for us, so seek out a Certified Putting Instructor in your area (click here to see world map.)

If however you are unable to locate one in your area, consult your copy of The Fundamentals of Putting, Chapter 2 which will give you detailed instructions on how to fit your putter. For your convenience we also have general recommendations for length available on our Frankly Frog Putter pages.

Rodney, I hope this helps and putt well.


One thought on “The Most Important Club?

  1. Every golfer should chart their shots to show their usage by round, for example

    Putter 32 shots
    Driver 14 shots
    PW 12 shots
    5-iron 8 shots
    6-iron 6 shots
    7-iron 6 shots
    8-iron 5 shots
    9-iron 3 shots
    52-deg 3 shots
    60-deg 3 shots
    SW 2 shots
    3Wood 0 shots
    23-Hyb 0 shots

    That’s 94 shots from my last round. I could probably drop my 3W and the SW. It was a fluke that I did not use the 23-Hyb as I layed up more often to 95-100 yards for my PW on medium-long Par-4s that day.

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