Thank You

Frank and I at The Masters

Dear Frankly Friends,

I would like to thank you all so much for the overwhelming outpouring of love for Frank. Your emails, comments, thoughts and prayers have given me so much comfort in the last few weeks and please know that I have read them all.

Here are some links to tributes and articles written about Frank that I thought you would enjoy. Frank’s life was remarkable in so many ways. I am so proud that he was my husband and best friend.

Frank Thomas Tribute

Golf Digest


Score Golf

My Golf Spy

Spring was our favorite time of year. Many times we were fortunate enough to travel to Augusta to enjoy The Masters and meet our golf friends in that most beautiful place. We hope you enjoy watching The Masters this week, signaling the start of a new golf season and the promise of fairways, greens and hopefully one putts!

Frank never wasted any time in his life. He was full of energy and drive to always do more to help others. Next Monday and Wednesday we will resume our Putting Tips and Ask Frank Q&A. He would feel that having a 3 week break from our website activities was quite long enough.

There is lots to learn and Frank has left all of us a tremendous legacy to help our fellow golfers. I will also share some inspiring stories about Frank in the weeks and months ahead.

Frank always looked forward and that is what I intend to do.

So Frank, I will take the tiller and guide our little sailboat into the waves with everything you taught me, your direction and the wind at our back. As you said in your book Banshee, there is land out there somewhere!

Frankly Friends, I would be honored if you would please join us and enjoy the adventure.


Valerie x 

11 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Valerie I was shocked to learn from your announcement of Frank’s passing that you two were husband and wife. Not shocked that you were attracted to each other, loved each other, and got married, but at the great loss you have experienced. It changes my entire impression of you both and it is a beautiful one.

    I’m sure one of the qualities that attracted Frank to you is your charming Scottish accent, which charms me as well. Bless you, and I look forward to more of your putting tips when you resume posting them.

  2. Valerie
    I have been an ardent fan of You Two since reading “The Book”. My thoughts go with you in your loss. Frank will no doubt watch you putt on with pride, as we all will.
    South Africa

  3. Valerie, may the wind be always at your back. It’s certain that Frank will be smiling upon you as you carry on his legacy. He will be missed, but as I know you will, too, he will never be forgotten.

  4. Valerie,

    Hang in there. Loss is sooo tuff! After years of reading Frank’s and your column I know that you are a trooper, and that you will ‘weather the storm’. I can not thank you and Frank enough for advancing this glorious game.

    We are Thankful for You,


  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful memory picture. Frank and his Frog helped me to 7 one putts today👏I am looking forward to the future updates. Frank F

  6. Bless Frank and Blessings for Valerie !
    He was great man and teacher of golf; putting was his love and his passion shown in the way he shared his knowledge freely!
    Thanks Valerie for carrying on the Frank Thomas legacy. You will do fine work,as Frank would expect and wholeheartedly appreciate!
    Prayers for your Family and Frank’s numerous
    I have learned much from you both.
    Thank you

  7. You and Frank were part of my golf teachers. Sorry for your loss, but keep on. Frank would want that.

  8. Mr. Frank Thomas passing away will create vacuum for golfing buddies, friends, golf students and all who wanted to know what is the ruling in golf. God bless entire family and my sincere condolences to the family. RIP. Valerie, keep doing his work and we all will support your effort and the link.

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