Who Would You Choose to Sink an Important Putt?

Recently I have been spending time on the putting green with my Frankly Frog. It’s relaxing, and is a way for me to enjoy wonderful memories of Frank, our shared passion for putting and everything we discovered together about this most important part of the game.

I have noticed that the more time I spend (in small amounts each day), the more in tune with the green I become, and this helps me use my intuition to see the putts and feel the putts, connecting with the very simple thought of putting the ball in the hole.

It’s important that your approach to putting feels free and unencumbered by too many thoughts or instructions. Once you have the fundamentals down, trust yourself and your body will do it.

Frank summed it up best in the advice he used frequently in relation to putting: “let it go”.

Frank is my partner of choice for everything in life, but if I needed someone to hole an important putt for me, Frank would be my man, every time. He would give it 110% as he did everything in his life.🥰 🐸

Who would you choose to hole an important putt for you? Your spouse or partner? A professional golfer? Your golfing buddy? Simply reply below and I look forward to your answers!

May the Frog Be With You,


14 thoughts on “Who Would You Choose to Sink an Important Putt?

  1. This is a really good question.

    My choice for who to choose to sink an important putt is myself. The putt won’t be as important to anyone else as it is to me, so I’m not going to choose anyone else to hit it for me if I don’t have to.

  2. Hi Valerie:
    We all miss Frank, but I’m sure you miss him the most.
    For a 6 ft “must” putt, I would choose me Wife, Florencia. She has that grit you need to make clutch putts. As a world class amateur in the ‘60s ( 5th. Place individual in 1966 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship ( Copa Spirito Santo), her strong suit were the 3-8 ft putts.
    Best regards and keep up the good work.
    We follow you!! 👍👍👍

    • Thanks so much Jose. I am so impressed to hear about Florencia, that is quite an achievement! Thank you both for being Frankly Friends and yes, I miss Frank more than words can say xx

  3. Putting is very personal, situation, for your thought it is the love for the man in your life, nothing to do with golf which is a game of passion and external open situation. For for that reason I am the only one who would the ball in the hole, rest is luck because you gave a 100% all information you need to putt. This is why this game is so difficult and so much fun to play to break that missing trust. That is my opinion.

  4. If the putt was for some big $…..and between 5 and 10 feet in length…. I would likely go with Inbee Park (of the LPGA). I’ve seen her make so, so many of those over the years!

  5. Now in our 70s, my wife and I play a couples’ nine hole scramble a few times each week. She’s a lights out putter, and, after decades of golf, there’s no one I’d trust more with an important putt.

      • Why would you ever want someone else to putt for you? I play golf as a challenge for me. But if you forced me to pick someone I would take me at 15 years old. I was incredible.

      • Barry, yes I think at 15 years old we were all putting with freedom and unencumbered by thoughts, per my comments above. Thanks so much for sharing.

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