The Scariest Putt in Golf?


The scariest putt in golf, for the right handed player, we believe is a three-footer or slightly less, left to right severe breaking putt on a fast green about 10 to 12 on the Stimpmeter.

The best way to handle this putt, is not to throw up your hands and think – or even say or shout — “Oh No!!!” but to calm down and follow the next four steps:

  1. Read the putt carefully from both sides, and select a target point — even a severe break from this distance will not be very much more than a ball outside the left lip.

  2. Make a few rhythmic practice strokes.

  3. Align your set up with your toe line parallel to your target line

  4. Get over the ball, TRUST your line and make a solid smooth stroke – don’t try to baby it in the hole — and keep your head still, eyes down and listen for the ball to drop – watching it will not help.

Don’t be scared, trust yourself and let it happen.

Of course it always helps if you have a Fearless Frankly Frog in your hands!

Let us and other Frankly Friends know what you believe is the scariest putt by replying below.

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