Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?

Here at the Putting PAD, there is a hot debate over whether Team USA or Team Europe will prevail at this weekend’s Ryder Cup. We thought that probably some of you also have some strong opinions on which team will win.

So this week, we are asking you to answer the question “Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?”

Share your thoughts with other Frankly Friends and site visitors by leaving a reply below, and if you have a compelling reason why you think any given team will win, let us know.

Have fun watching this weekend!

28 thoughts on “Who Will Win the Ryder Cup?

  1. Told ya’ Europe would win. The collapse by the US players in singles had a lot to do with what was supposed to be their strength – individual competition. The European Team was more of just that – a Team, playing for each other.

  2. surely keegan bradley in his weird shot routine addresses the ball with the club immediately behind the ball, then hits the ground to the left of the ball could be construed as a shot. He needs to sort out his life or it could cost him big time .!

  3. The team that makes the most putts…looks like the Euros right now…will be interesting to see if Tiger and Phil get a seat in the afternoon!

  4. I think Europe has the skills and talent but, in the end, USA will take it out by a narrow margin. They’re on home turf and will have a big crowd supporting them. USA by 2 points.

    David Davies, Sydney, Australia

  5. I believe the US will prevail, in part, due to the guidance and pairings from Davis Love III & in part due to the extra incentive to secure victory on home soil.

    I anticipate a fabulous performance from Sergio…striking the ball beautifully, putting with more confidence and continuing the lineage of Seve & Ollie.

    One parting thought, Jiminez has to be the coolest Assistant Captain ever!

    Good viewing this weekend to be sure!

  6. The USA will win for the following reasons:

    1. The match is being played in the USA…the FANS will make it happen.

    2. The match is being played in Chicago…the MAFIA will make it happen.

    3. The match is being played at Medinah…the MASONS will make it happen.

    Any questions!!!

  7. I do agree with some of the replies; however, If you think about the Europeans and team togetherness as in countries together. They are different countries coming together with their best to play the best. It wil be a very good tournament for the game of golf. It is “The Greatest Game Every Played” and let’s enjoy all that comes forth. Go USA!

  8. I give Team USA a slight advantage in that the players are a little more seasoned and proven. They will have the “home court” advantage, and the desire to regain the cup. The Europeans may have a slightly better team spirit and be playing for Seve, and of course Rory can ignite some fireworks.

    I also hope for a classy match and DLIII set the tone for sportmanship in his press conference.

    At the end of the day, I think USA will win in a close decision. The points contest may not be that close, but the matches will be.

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