Putting Well at the Ryder Cup

If you want to play on the Ryder Cup team in 2014 you better learn how to putt well.

As an example of the emphasis  we place on putting,  90% or more of the TV coverage was on the green.

Well done to the European team and the US team for a very exciting event!

7 thoughts on “Putting Well at the Ryder Cup

  1. I think Team USA needs a good sports psychologist. Also,I believe the players would be better off not knowing what is going on in other matches, so they could focus only on winning their own match – if that would be possible.

  2. A very exciting finish on Sunday, I agree. But what about Poulter’s finish in the Saturday afternoon fourballs? An 11 to 5 result at that time would probably have put paid to Europe’s chances. At least I have something in common with Tiger – we both seem to getmore than our share of lip-outs. And, finally, Jim Furyk looks as though he was hit by a freight train earlier in the year and didn’t tell anyone. He needs 6 months off to go sit on a mountain; better still he could come down here to Australia for a break; we’d look after him.

  3. At least when the Europeans made their winning remarkable comeback they didn’t stomp all over the green aka USA

  4. Absolutely agree with Ron. While the performance on and around the green is the story of the hole, the story of the match is frequently written in the approach shot(s) and decision-making.

  5. The sad part of TV coverage was on Friday and Saturday with only four matches the coverage should have shown every shot of every match. Same Sunday, we saw people putting to win or lose hole with no idea of how they got there. Pittiful coverage by ESPN and NBC.

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