Time to Putt

Frank and Valerie,

Your blind draw about the Ryder Cup winning team did not pan out. So much for blind draws 🙂

The Ryder Cup this year was one of the most entertaining and exciting events in golf for a long time.

My question is about Jim Furyk: do you think he spends too much time over his putts?


Sorry about the blind draw and the US loss but it was one of the most exciting golf tournaments in a long time.

Yes, we believe that Jim Furyk spends too much time over the ball before he makes his putt. This is not good for anybody who wants to putt well.

We should take a lesson from Brandt Snedeker when it comes to the time over the ball. Once you have made up your mind what you want to do then don’t waste time over the ball: all it does is give your mind too much time to get in the way of a good result.

Bradley, thanks for the question it is unfortunately a good lesson learned from misfortune.
Frank & Valerie


3 thoughts on “Time to Putt

  1. I believe that Jim spent way too much time analyzing that putt. It was no surprise when he missed it. And he wasn’t the only one. Coming down the stretch several Americans over thought their putts and the result was a miss.Does the PGA/Tour keep track of time analyzing a putt and whether or not the putt is holed?

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