The Importance of Putting Instruction

Frank, thank you for the information you provide on your website every week. It has helped my game and my overall knowledge base tremendously, especially my putting.

Why do teaching pros not give more putting lessons? Do they not understand the importance of putting?

Thanks in advance.

Trenton NJ

We are pleased that we have been able to help you expand your golf knowledge and improve your game. Thank you for your kind note.

Golf instructors do understand that putting is a very important part of the game. However, there are many conflicting views and opinions when it comes to how to teach the putting stroke because instructors have not been formally trained in putting instruction and in general pass down to their students what works for them and what they learned from their father or magazines. One very well known full swing guru stated that he does not give putting instruction because, “It is too hard”.

The putting stroke is really very simple but we need to understand what makes it simple if we are to teach it properly. This requires an in depth understanding of the science behind the putting stroke and the mental approach.

Without a sound educational background in a specific subject it is difficult to convey meaningful ideas and concepts, especially when giving instruction.

We have developed an education curriculum to help fill this void and hope that golfers and instructors alike will take advantage of it, as they would with any other specialty they wish to pursue.

Click here for more information about the education we provide via our online courses and for more on our putting lessons at the Putting PAD at Reunion Resort, click here.

How is your putting? Would you take a dedicated putting lesson from a Certified Putting Instructor? Share your thoughts below.

Hope this helps


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