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5 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Putting Book Discussion Page

  1. Thanks to reader Sherwood Schoch who commented on the success he has had in applying The Fundamentals of Putting to his game:

    “Two months ago when I received your new book, The Fundamentals of Putting, I considered myself close to, if not the worst, putter on planet earth. 10 years of yips, long putters, short putters, left and right handed, all proved unsuccessful…until your book. Superstitious as I am, I almost afraid to talk about it because it might go away, but I must tell you Sunday I got past our club’s last year’s match play champion at our club 4 and 3, and he told everyone that would listen he got beaten by my putter. And he did! Thank you while I keep working at the lock and rock system with rythm. I can’t thank you enough. Sherwood Schoch”

  2. Hi Marc,

    The fact that you are always trying to be aware of where the hole or breakpoint is and the ball is good to hear. The two locations have to be linked up continuously in your short term memory, ie the precise location on the target and the QE location on the back of the ball).

    It may be that you are taking a bit too much time to start the backswing. Short term decay for distance can happen in about 4 seconds so try making the time between your last look at the hole, QE and and the onset of the backswing around 3 seconds.

    If you are taking more time than this you may be experiencing short term memory decay which is a fragile characteristic of STM.

    Please let me know if this helps,

    Joan Vickers

    • I have worked alot on this and it works very well. Thanks. It seems odd, but there is a mental “click” (scientific term) that happens when you are looking at the back of the ball but “know” where the target is. It seems like a focus on two things at once. When that happens, you’ve got a really good chance for the ball to go in. It doesn’t happen every time for me, unfortunately.

  3. I have read Joan Vickers reseach on Quiet Eye with great enthusiasm, but find it very hard to implement. It seems that once the focus shifts so completely to the ball, the mind forgets where the hole is. The strike is very accurate, but the mind does not send the ball off toward the hole.

    Does anyone else have any experiences with the Quiet Eye?

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