A Hole in One?


I have a question about how wind affects the golf ball on a putting green. I was watching the opening Hyundai Tournament and on one occasion a ball was blown off the green and the player had to play the ball from its new position several yards off the green. What would be the ruling had the wind blown the ball into the hole? If it was a par 3 would it count as a hole in one?


Thank you for a question which I am sure will be of interest to many of our viewers.

The answer is that if the ball is made to move by the wind and the player did not cause the ball to move – even though he addressed the ball – then the ball must be played from where it comes to rest. If this is off the green and in a water hazard then tough luck.

If, on the other hand you are about to play your second shot on a par three and the ball moves because  the wind caused this to happen, and you – the player—did not cause it to move AND the ball rolls into the hole you better not tell anybody – if you don’t have hole-in-one insurance– because you will be in the hole for a wad of drinks money.

I don’t know whether to wish you luck on this one or not.

I would however like to recommend that every golfer who needs a little help on the green considers getting a copy of our latest book “The Fundamentals of Putting”. Valerie and I are very proud of this one as we know it will help explain how the body wants to move, rather than how the mind — filled with conflicting “methods” and manipulated motions — tries to instruct the body to move.


Have you had a hole in one? Was it unusual? Share your story by replying below.

10 thoughts on “A Hole in One?

  1. Only had one in over 40 years of playing. I was on a little course in Arkansas. The hole was a short par three, and I hit a pitching wedge. The hole was not completely blind, but you could not see the green surface from the tee. I thought I had hit a pretty good one, but as we approached, no ball to be seen. Looked in rough behind green and no ball. Looked in the hole and there she be! Unfortunately, although my wife was with me, she was not playing so no official witness and no official ace, but good enough for me!

  2. I took a girlfriend out to a par three golf course with another friend who had been my playing partner for years. The girlfriend had been playing probably for two months. First hole 127 yards she hits a low burner that bounces up on the green and rolls into the cup. So we all start jumping around.. people waiting to tee off are jumping around… and she… well is just standing there looking at us. We yell, you got a HOLE IN ONE.. she said really calmly “isn’t that what you are suppose to do?” …. no justice

  3. Frank, I played today in St. Louis, and had a par three where the green was snow andice covered. I figured I would hit my tee shot and if I was on the green I’d just take two putts and consider it a par. When I got to the green I found my ball to be pin high on the right 6ft from the hole. I thought what the heck, putt it for grins. I did and after a couple of crazy bounces across the ice, the ball fell in the hole. for a birdie on a hole I rarely hit the green on. stuff happens.

  4. Oct. 15th 2005…145 yds. Hit my tee shot 10 ft. above the hole. Green sloped back to front so we could see the ball coming back towards the hole. But the sun was positioned just so that the shadow of the flag covered the hole, made seeing the hole very difficult. After 40 years of many close calls I was amped! The more we agreed it was close (but couldn’t see for sure) I started running around the lake – that was between the tee and green – and arrived well before my playing partner, with the celebration started! Incidentally, my partner burdied the hole, so between us we had 3 on the hole.

  5. Not in this order but in the same 18 holes , I had double boogie a boogie a par a birdie , an eagle and yes an ace. The foresome ahead of us waited for us as they saw the eagle and the ace. They wanted me to buy them a lottery ticket.

  6. Several years ago one of our members pulled his tee shot badly on a 160yd par three. The ball struck a tree and ricocheted onto the green. The rolling ball then struck a pine cone which deflected it into the cup.

  7. I don’t believe the rule change you mentioned is a good change. It would make much more sense and would be more fair to replace it where it first came to rest.

  8. I’ve had two aces. The first was 25 years ago, 175 yards at sea level in Florida with a 7 iron. The second was 10 years ago, 155 yarda with a 7 iron at 3,500 ft. in Nevada. I expect my next one will be in 5 years or so from 135 yards at 5,000 ft, with a……7 iron. Ain’t age wonderful…Ray

  9. I witnessed an unsual hole in one, a number of years ago. 167 yard hole, water all along the right side. Wind blowing 15 mph left to right. My playing partner hit a utillity club and thined it. The ball took off and I thought it was going to go well past the green into dense woods behind the green. As the ball was passing the pin the flag caught the ball like a catches mitt and dropped it into the hole. What I thought would be a certain won hole turned into a 3 stroke loss as I boggied.

  10. Just received the book…Plan to start it this week.
    this is the third book from Frank and Valerie that I have purchased and am looking forward to reading it.

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