Coping with the Dreaded 3 Footer

Three tips to cope with the dreaded 3 footer:

Relax your grip
Have a nice smooth rhythm
Listen for the ball falling in the hole

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One thought on “Coping with the Dreaded 3 Footer

  1. Two months ago when I received your new book, The Fundamentals of Putting, I considered myself close to, if not the worst, putter on planet earth. 10 years of yips, long putters, short putters, left and right handed, all proved unsuccessful…until your book. Superstitious as I am, I almost afraid to talk about it because it might go away, but I must tell you Sunday I got past our club’s last year’s match play champion at our club 4 and 3, and he told everyone that would listen he got beaten by my putter. And he did! Thank you while I keep working at the lock and rock system with rythm. I can’t thank you enough. Sherwood Schoch

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