The Effect of the Price Tag on Driver Performance


What effect does the price tag and tape over it, and the bar code and tape over it, attached to the shaft at the hosel have on shaft performance of a new driver? And what happens when you take these off? It must change the performance considerably. – Dean


I think you will be surprised to find out how much this ‘price tag’ and ‘bar code,’ if left on the shaft after purchasing the driver, will affect the club’s performance.

First, it will have an obvious visual effect, which may or may not distract you during set up when you address the ball. Second, it will certainly remind you how much you paid for it, and this is generally a good thing. If you paid a lot, you’ll be reminded of how well the club should perform for you. If you got a bargain, you’ll feel good about yourself for that instead.

If the driver still has the tag on it, then it’s considered new, and new drivers always work better than old drivers do. Also, if the price on the tag is high enough, the good performance will last longer. The only down side is that if it doesn’t work well and your buddies see how much you paid for it then you may feel a little silly.

I have been led to believe that the magic most clubs have built into them lasts only as long as the price tag remains on the driver; as soon as you remove this tag the troubles start.

In all seriousness, the placebo effect is alive and well and a real phenomenon. How often when you hit a good shot with your new driver do your buddies reach out to take your club and say, “Let me see that club, Dean.” Few times, if any, do they say, “Good swing, Dean.”

Since you are thinking about what a beautiful thing you have in your hand, your mind doesn’t do its usual thing of interfering with a potentially good swing. This generally results in an extraordinarily good shot.

From a technical point of view, rest assured that the price tag and the bar code do not weigh enough or have any other effect to alter performance. Don’t let the removal of a price tag get between you and a good shot.

Hope this helps.


This question was an excerpt from Dear Frank…Answers to 100 of your Golf Equipment Questions

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5 thoughts on “The Effect of the Price Tag on Driver Performance

  1. Leave the tag on for sure…. as the barcode sees the ball on its approach to contact, it will naturally want to turn over and this will greatly assist you in getting the consistent draw you have been looking for, and you will definitely get those extra yards promised.

  2. Just be certain to leave the price tags on all of the clothing as well.
    That way the tacky look will be complete!

    • If leaving the price tag on does not help then perhaps you will be interested in my new book entitled “How to play 5 of the Tee” it follows on the heels of my big #1 seller “How to Line up your 5th putt”…………………….. LOL

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