Improving Your Long and Short Putts

Every week we bring you a new putting tip to help you putt better. Here is this week’s tip:

The only difference  between a long and a short putt is the distance you take the putter back on the  backstroke. The rhythm stays the same.

This week, we are inviting you to let us know which of our past putting tips has helped you most. Simply reply below and let us know.

If you are serious about improving your putting, we strongly suggest that you consult our new book, The Fundamentals of Putting, which includes the basic mechanics, mindset, pre-shot routine, green reading and practice drills.

3 thoughts on “Improving Your Long and Short Putts

  1. I’m not sure if it was a tip or not, but I bought “The Fundamentals of Putting” and it was the best money I ever spent as far as improving my golf game.

  2. My lesson at the Putting Pad was most helpful. There was not just one tip that made a big improvement. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone that wants to improve their putting.

  3. The one about keeping the ball within one to two putter heads from your feet. Made BIG difference. Thanks

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