Rory’s New Equipment and The Masters


Rory has changed his clubs to a new manufacturer this year.

Does different manufacturer’s equipment really make a difference to the players? Do you think this will affect Rory’s chances at the Masters?




As you know Tiger is now # 1 in the rankings and a favorite for the Masters with Rory close behind him. I think that they are also vying for who has the most impressive girlfriend.

 The answer to your question — whether or not the equipment change will affect Rory’s performance at the Masters – in my opinion is NO. However, if he believes it will, then this could make the difference.

 Performance at the very elite level – as well as for the rest of us — is influenced significantly by our confidence on the course and may be affected by a perceived difference in club performance.  Because golf manufacturers can customize and reproduce golf club performance so precisely when working with their tour players the actual performance difference between brand names is very small if at all.

 Confidence is the critical factor in golf if we are to perform well, especially on the putting green where, if we could only allow our body to do what it wants to do — and has worked so hard to perfect – and stop the mind from interfering  then we will have the needed confidence to perform well. This too is the case for the rest of our game, so we don’t want anything to come between us and our belief that we can do it — i.e. unbridled confidence. The difference in equipment performance – if there is any  — will not affect the outcome at The Masters but the peripheral factors may have a significant influence.

 Who do you think has the edge at The Masters this year? Share your thoughts by replying below.


7 thoughts on “Rory’s New Equipment and The Masters

  1. Tiger played with Ping irons and putter as a teen, then graduated to Mizuno MP29s. When he switched to Titleist, they produced a facsimile of the MP29s branded Titleist. The Nike irons he plays now are…wait for it…yet another version of the MP29s. In other words, he’s been playing essentially the same heads and shafts for about 20 years. Jack played the same MacGregor irons for decades. Changed the shafts. 16 of his majors were won with him using a George Low Wizard (cost about $6 new) on the greens. The other two with a Bullseye and a MacGregor Response.
    Familiarity with how the equipment works is key. Tiger is now on his fourth swing coach, but the last three have all worked with the same man-machine system.

  2. Rory’s equipment should not make a difference. I just heard Nicklaus say he won majors one year playing different brand clubs and different balls(us vs english).
    Tiger will majors this year simply because his putting is back. I thinks he’s using a frog putter

    • Hi Bert
      Of course, we love the way you are thinking but to keep the record straight, Tiger is not using a Frog putter at the moment. However, if he thinks he is putting well right now, just imagine how well he would putt with a Frog in his bag. Also, Frank (the headcover) will be able to keep his eye on the Frog….

  3. The upcoming Masters will be the most closely contested Masters in several decades. It will not come down to two or three with a chance on the last nine,it will more likely be 6-8 with a chance. Rory and Tiger will be among them.

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