Golf’s Scariest Putt

Many of the students that visit the Frankly Putting PAD at Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL for putting lessons, share a common problem. That is, fear of the scariest putt in golf.

Based on feedback from our students, who range from everyday golfers to touring professionals the downhill left to right putt is the most challenging for golfers of all levels.

This putt weaves a web of confusion in the golfers mind. More so than a straight uphill or downhill putt, speed and aim become crucially intertwined and the golfer has to be able to combine both to hole the putt.

Based on our observation, many golfers hit a tentative putt in this particular situation, rather than having confidence and being able to successfully see and feel the line and pace working together to put the ball in the hole.

We often tell our students to treat this particular putt as a straight putt, selecting the aim line and stroking the putt at a specific speed to ensure success.

Having control over the speed of the ball is important and this is helped by having a forgiving putter, such as the Frankly Frog which will deliver greater consistency in the pace that the ball comes off the putter head, because of the size of the forgiveness zone.

So, to help you find the magic potion on golf’s scariest putt, blend line, pace and confidence in your approach. For best results, add a Frankly Frog which will help chase the ghosts and spiders away!

What putt do you think is golf’s scariest putt? Share your thoughts with other Frankly Friends by replying below…

9 thoughts on “Golf’s Scariest Putt

  1. The scariest putt for me is one where you are putting down hill and past the flag gets even faster. So, you have have to hit it hard enough to get to the hole, but soft enough so it doesn’t get past the hole and go off the green!

  2. One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Arnold Palmer: “Those down-hiller’s go in too.” It helps me stay positive.

  3. The scariest put is the long lag putt with the downhill left to right break. You may still have the downhill right to left putt after the first one or be looking at chipping it back on the green if you are really the nervous type. Three putt territory!

  4. I believe it was Lee Trevino who said that under pressure he wanted a downhill putt because he knew it was going to get to the hole. I’ve always felt the same way.

  5. There is no doubt the sliding left to right downhill putt is scary, but the most scary? I don’t know. Downhill right to left is no bargain either. But, for me the toughest putt is the 3 or 4 footer with “dots” on the line. It is the “must make” pressure that makes it difficult.

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