Do Oversized Putter Grips Work?

Hi Frank,
I have a Frankly Frog Putter that I bought a few years ago. I recently tried a friend’s putter with an oversized grip and found that the grip helped me when tapping through the ball. Do oversized grips work? Do you suggest I replace the grip on my Frankly Frog with a fatter grip?
Peter, NJ

It is always good to communicate with and help a Frog owner.

There is no reason why you should not replace your grip with a fatter one. It will help a little with relaxing your grip pressure if you are inclined to squeeze the grip during the stroke which will affect the natural rhythm and cause more of a “hit” than a stroke.

Placing a larger – a light one as some large grips are too heavy – grip on your Frog will be a good and not too expensive an experiment. We sometimes install oversized putter grips here at the Putting PAD, where Frogs are hand-made daily.

The good news is that it may work for you. The other good news is that if it doesn’t work you can change back to a standard grip size at little expense.

Most important is that you and your Frog get on well and develop a lasting relationship. A happy frog is a well behaved Frog. You can kiss your Frog but don’t squeeze it too tightly.

Hope this helps

2 thoughts on “Do Oversized Putter Grips Work?

  1. I have played with variety of fat grips over the years and the newer light models feel great. They let you feel the clubhead. If not for lightness I would be using a standard grip.

    I currently use a new model large grip that has an exagerated flat face and it isn’t quite so big around as most. I have had some ladies who were curious give it a waggle and even they liked the feel saying it didn’t feel so “jumbo”. My hands have never felt more connected with the putter face but I will also say that it’s even more critical than usual that the putter grip be installed square to the putter face.

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