21 thoughts on “Putting and Golf Gloves

  1. I’ve never seen a difference – but then I’m hardly a pro putter. It is a hassle taking it off when I’m sweating. I’ve solved the problem by not using a glove for any shot. My scores have improved, for whatever reason.

  2. I used to remove my glove to putt, but I prefer thin perforated gloves that breath better and removing it for putting really tears them up quicker. I decided to try leaving it on and saw absolutely no difference.

  3. About 35 years with glove off. Last 20 years with glove on. Won our Club Championship and 2 A Flight Gross Member-Member events with it on. Guess you can figure my answer. Actually think the change,10 years ago, to a mallet style putter from my old blade helped more.

  4. I typically remove the glove when it’s time to putt and often enough forget to put it back on until after I’ve hit my next tee shot! Anything goes as long as I’m having a good time.

  5. C’mon, there is zero actionable “feel” in a putt. Impact is a microscopic moment over which there is no difference in control, glove or skin. All that “feel” is in the brain. If you always putt with your glove on, you will have all the “feel” you need. “Elite” golfers take their glove off for two reasons: 1> They have time on their hands because a caddy is doing all the work; 2> Tradition (see #1).

  6. Take my glove off for putting and all shots around the green…ostensibly for feel and I tend to have a lighter grip with chips and pitches.

    • I think that sums it up for me – the feel and the lighter grip. When hitting out on the fairway grip is vital but for the subtle (I like to kid myself!) shots around the green the material of the glove acts as a barrier between me and the club. without the glove I can have a lighter grip and still have more feel than with a glove.

  7. No offense, but this nonsense advice. Glove on or off makes zero difference in your ability to putt. I leave mine on as I’d rather not fiddle with taking it on and off depending on the shot. I often practice with it off when I drive over to a nearby course and just do short game for 30-45 min during lunchtime. But when I get to the course before a round and warm up on the green, I’ll have it on. I’m no better with it off than I am with it on.

  8. Why? Different is always better? Even if most don’t, that means some do. Probably contributes to wearing out the glove faster.

  9. I stopped wearing gloves at all some 20 years ago. Never missed them. Sometimes I wear gloves when it’s below 30 degrees F, but only if it’s just a practice round.

  10. It’s mind over matter: if you don’t mind, it don’t matter. It may create a different “feel”, but outcome…? I don’t believe it would.

  11. Glove off putting was started by Arnold Palmer who probably had a leather grip on his putter just as with his other clubs. When a glove on putter becomes world number one juniors and eventually some tour players will follow. As with so many things in putting anything different can change one’s feel and inspire confidence. Glove on or off will one day be regarded a harmless fads. Brain surgeons seem to muddle through with two gloves. Bill Meier, PGA Life Member

  12. Hi, Frank. I’ve not putted with my glove on since I was a child, for the reason you suggest. Reading your comment raises the question in my mind, “Why did Jack Nicklaus wear his glove while putting?” Has he addressed that matter, to your knowledge?

  13. Hi Frank and Valerie, I’ve been wondering for a long time when someone knowledgeable would raise this issue. I used to believe that glove off was the way to go and used it. But after getting fed up with on/off AND noticing that Jack and Stockton both wore gloves, I thought it’s nonsense so went back to leaving it on and can’t say I notice any difference. I’m a high single digit averaging 34 per rd,, too high I know but it’s not the glove!!It’s time for a scientific study!! Rob

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