Jack and His Golf Glove

In last week’s putting tip we suggested that you try to take off your glove when putting:

Do you putt wearing a golf glove? If so, try taking off your glove when you get to the green. It will give you a different feel. Very few elite golfers wear a golf glove when putting.

Because we received so many comments about our friend Jack Nicklaus who didn’t remove his glove when putting, we decided to go to the source. Frank contacted Jack and this is what he had to say about putting with his glove on.

Frank, the more you take a glove off, the greater the chance of stretching it out and having to replace it sooner.

I never found an advantage or disadvantage to taking the glove off or leaving it on. I practiced putting many times without a glove on, and it never bothered me nor was it ever an advantage.

  It should be about whether you knock the ball in the hole or not, not whether you are wearing a glove or not. If you are worrying about a golf glove, you’re not worrying enough about making a good stroke and making the putt.”

 We hope that this direct comment from Jack helps our readers.

 An added comment: Today, most grips are well designed and very efficient at doing what they are supposed to do – i.e. providing a firm hold on the club. For this reason, as long as you take care of your grips and change them at least once a year (and avoid suntan lotion or moisturizers on the palm of your hands), it may not be necessary – except in unfavorable conditions – to wear a glove. But keep one in your bag, just in case!  


5 thoughts on “Jack and His Golf Glove

  1. As stated above, I think what is best and most comfortable for the individual is the way to go. However, I think a consistent feel of the grip is what is needed. With no glove or with 2 gloves seems to give a person the most consistent feel of the grip and thus a consistent control of the putter. As you have taught, keep a loose grip, eye the hole, grip lightly and putt. Gripping lightly is easier to do if you hands have a consistent feel which to me is not possible with one glove on.

  2. I have been playing without gloves for 2 years and have no trouble gripping my clubs. I have new grips and keep them clean. The grips that are made today are very tacky and provide excellent grip. My new oversize for my putter has helped stabilize my putting stroke..

  3. I think if some pro put their shoes on backwards, some amateur would try to play with their shoes on backwards. Jack was a leader, not a follower. He did what worked for him. Now isn’t that a novel thought?

  4. I was skeptical about the improvement in feel when keeping the gloves off. I am glad that Jack took the time to give his opinion. I never took mine off and putting is always best part of my game. Although when i practise on the putting greens, i don’t wear my gloves.

  5. Frank,

    I playerd in the UK at the weekend at temperatures between 4 and 7 degrees centigrade. I wore two gloves for all shots and my putting was the best part of my game.


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