Driving Distance

Frank, in your last video you gave us an interesting time line of the evolution of the golf ball. Do you think that the ball will be traveling another 30 yards further in twenty years from now?
–San Diego

Thanks for your comments about the evolution of the golf ball.

It is interesting knowing that things have not changed much in golf over the years. Think about what has happened since the steam engine was perfected to rotary motion in about 1780. Now we can fly and get blasted to the moon and beyond. As the industrial revolution was starting in 1760, twenty six years after the first thirteen rules of golf were officially documented, we still relied on a letter being carried by a person on horseback. Now we communicate in a second with anybody in the world.

This is progress in the minds of many but to maintain some degree of sanity in our lives we need to connect with some form of constancy and that is golf.

The ball going too far was a concern as early as 1895.

It is still a concern but I can assure you Victor that the only way a Tour golfer is going to hit the ball farther is to increase the speed of the clubhead.

For the rest of us, we need a lesson more than a new driver, three wood, or any other club being sold for its distance attributes.

A ball will NEVER bounce higher than from where you dropped it unless an explosive force is involved in the collision.

Right now we are close to the maximum attainable height even with a spring like effect involved in the collision.

In the last six years, the distance the ball travels has increased – based on average driving distance on tour — about two feet. This is not a change of significance so don’t expect to get any more distance if you are close to your optimum launch conditions.

Focus on your putting if you want to lower your score. About 45% of your score is recorded on the green. Reading “The Fundamentals of Putting” would be a good start and it will cost a lot less than a new driver.

Hope this relieves the anxiety of not knowing and you will sleep better.


One thought on “Driving Distance

  1. I was watching “Cosmos” last night and saw Tyson let go of the wrecking ball on a pendulum and he was so confident that it would not swing back far enough to smash him in the face. Indeed there are limits within Newtonian physics. But, what if we were to golf in different dimension?

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