The Three P’s of Putting

PLANNING- select your line and break, with a feel for the green speed.

PREPARE – take some “feel” practice putting strokes to rehearse the stroke and program your body with the tempo, visualizing the shot.

PUTT – Setup, have no doubts and make a good stroke.

4 thoughts on “The Three P’s of Putting

  1. Frank, over the years that I have received your Frankly Golf I have commented a few times. Although this might not totally go along with today’s above message, something happened today During our weekly 4man scramble. The greens at the course we played were very FROGGY (he he). They were so slow that at least 75% of the putts the 4 of us made today came up short. I don’t care if they were 6 or 8 foot putts or 25 to 30 foot putts. No matter how hard I tried it was very hard to make myself hit the ball hard enough to reach the hole I am use to putting on greens that would probably measure 8 to 10 on the stimp. Do you think A heavier putter would have helped.

    • Hi Monty, Thank you for your note….here’s some advice on coping with a FROGGY green…allow the putter to come back back further rather than trying to hit it harder. I would suggest this before trying a heavier putter. Hope this helps. Valerie

  2. What do you think of the pros who use a drawn line on the ball to line up their putts? I like Jim Furyk a lot (I had even picked him to win the Players in 3 fantasy pools) and yet I had trouble watching him and Fluff repeatedly lining up Jim’s short putts on the 17th and 18th holes on Sunday. I am glad Jim made both putts and finished second at 12-under, but I shuddered at the thought that other golfers could take up this practice and bring it to their local course as soon as they play their next round.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for your comments. Here are our thoughts on using a line on the ball . A paper that was presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf showed that using a line made no difference to performance. Hope this helps. Valerie

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